A Book I Always Come Back To

Not too long ago, I saw something about this photography book , and I remembered that I had my own copy of it.

the family of man

This book has been with me since my childhood (it belonged to my mother) and I have always loved perusing it and soaking up the amazing images. It is a thoughtful collection of life: birth, death, love….Perhaps this is where my joy of photography & documentary may have started. I would have loved to have seen the original exhibition, but that was way before my time.

If you ever come across the book, pick it up. The images are visually stunning, and even now, some of them really stir up my insides.

Have you heard of Vivian Maier ? I saw a clip about her story & work on Fashion Television while on a plane, and I was instantly hooked. Click here to watch it. Her work is astounding.
Here are a few more photographers that I really love these days:
The Sartorialist
Amy Victoria Wakefield Photography
Irene Suchocki

Is there a particular art form that you’ve always been drawn to? Let me know about here, or over on facebook!

2 thoughts on “A Book I Always Come Back To

  1. I was given a copy of this book, way back when. In the heartrending process of 'lightening my load' I parted with it, but not until I had one more look. Such amazing photographs.

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