A Breath of Fresh Air

Maybe it’s the changing of the seasons, but lately a Spring purge is definitely on my mind. I have been going through my closet, drawers & cabinets, and feel ready to cleanse myself of all these things that seem to be cluttering up my space (and mind).

It’s also causing me to reflect a bit more on my own creative loves and outlets. I spend a lot of time discovering new blogs and enjoying all of the visual delights that people so openly share, but I also feel like I haven’t really been engaging myself creatively outside of jewellery, and I think it’s starting to take a toll.

Taking photos is something I have always enjoyed, but lately if it’s not a hair pulling attempt at my own product photos, I don’t seem to pull out my camera. This morning I re-discovered some photos I have taken over the years, and after pulling some of my favourites, I felt like a breath of fresh air had just come my way. I hope that these will encourage you to find your breath of fresh air too!

One thought on “A Breath of Fresh Air

  1. I really like the photo of the red door…you definately can "pull" photos from your camera and you should do it more often! :")

    I also find your jewellery exquisite and gentle but I still prefer your photos in a way…

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