A Million Little Pictures Project

Bowen Island, BC

I’ve been wavering on whether or not I wanted to participate in A Million Little Pictures, because I feel like I have lots to keep me busy at the moment, but my resistance proved futile. I came across it upon completing my sketchbook project. If you’re not familiar with The Sketchbook Project, you should definitely check out the Art House Co-op.

I caught on to this awesome creative outlet last June via my good friend Patsy who signed up & then spread the word. I’m grateful she shared, but I’m afraid to admit the amount of time I’ve now spent on the website drooling over the amazing submissions that they’ve since uploaded to the site.

My sketchbook project theme was, This is Not a Sketchbook, and consisted mostly of photos that I had taken, so A Million Little Pictures seems like a good fit. Plus, photos travelling around in an Airstream trailer also sounds pretty cool to me. I had a hard time picking a theme, as I did with my sketchbook, and in an effort to follow along with my “Year of New Adventures”, I went out on a limb (yes, this is my attempt at wild, reckless abandon) and chose the random option. So I won’t know until my camera arrives!

While we’re already thinking about Airstream trailers, I am fortunate enough to have a magnificently talented artist in my studio building who paints them. To see some click here. You won’t be disappointed.

And don’t forget to come back to share your theme if you decide to join the project!

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