A (Re)Introduction

I realize that my jewellery related content on here has been somewhat limited, and in part it’s because I’ve been finding that blogging gives me a bit of an outlet from my jewellery bubble. I have, however, been doing some serious pondering on the whole blog subject (thanks to 52 Weeks of Blogging Your Passion by Scoutie Girl), and I have realized that I really do want my blog to be a little window inside my jewellery world, so I’m back tracking a little bit, and peeking inside.
This is my bench.
I was fortunate to get it for $50 in my second year of jewellery school. Sometimes I dream about a newer, slightly smaller, sturdier bench. But it has served me really well so far, so I’d say I have definitely gotten my money’s worth out of it. And to be honest, I’m not sure I will ever get rid of it. I will have room for two. Somewhere, some day.
I typically have a lot more stuff strewn about everywhere, but professional = tidy in certain scenarios, so I tidied up. I might grace you with an “actual” photo the next time I blog about it. It won’t be pretty though, just a warning.
I share my space with three other jewellers. The rotation has changed here & there since I have been in the space, but the one thing that has been constant are the wonderful companions that always fill it. It is great to have other jewellery artists around to bounce ideas off of, and to share in the highs and lows of doing what we do. I am so grateful for my jewellery community.
This is the soldering area, & the other side of the studio.
Having a separate soldering area is something I always plan to have. I think it goes a long way in helping me stay somewhat organized. I also don’t have to clean my bench up constantly in order to prep for soldering. It is also a good excuse to have to get up and walk away from the bench because sometimes it is too easy to sit & get stuck in whatever I am doing, even if it isn’t always going well.
I think that should do it for my first major foray into the jewellery side of things on the blog. I’m coming up with some new ideas & topics to stay on the jewellery train, but I’ll still include lots of the usual. If you have any suggestions or ideas for what you might like to see more of, please feel free to share.
Thanks so much for stepping in & letting me share with you!

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