Back to My Roots

This week I was reminded of my early foray into the world of jewellery making when I was re-acquainted with the gloriously colourful……
telephone wire!
Somewhere between my collection of jelly bracelets, and my dire need to continuously make embroidery floss friendship bracelets in order to weigh down my 10 year old wrist along with all of my friends’, I was introduced to the telephone wire.
I had no idea it could be so beautiful! And even better that one of my dear friends was able to keep us well stocked thanks to the copius amounts in her basement. Once she taught me how to coil the wire around itself, I was hooked. It was methodical, quick, & slightly meditative. I realize now it’s the same thing that I like about knitting, all of these years later. Minus the callouses that I would get from coiling up so many bracelets in one sitting!
A google search re-assured me that my childhood friend and I were not the only telephone wire coilers on the planet. Here is what I’m talking about, in the event that you have yet to participate in some colourful wire coiling:

find them here, but be warned, I’m considering another online purchase as I type!
I was also amazed at the weaving being done with telephone wire too.

I have yet to get to the same sort of meditative state when it comes to my current world of metal working. I think it’s because I’m usually trying to keep my mind focused enough in order to not melt my work or muck up a stone setting.
I like thinking about how I got started on my passion at an early age and to be reminded of how I still view what I do in the same way now, that I did then. I’m grateful for the journey I’ve had with my love of jewellery making and connecting the dots to where I am with it today.
I encourage you to connect the dots to your current passion too!

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