something that binds, fastens, confines, or holds together.

I’m the sort of person that gets attached to things.




I’m not the best at small talk. I like to get below the surface of things, because that’s where I feel connections can best be made…or not.

I can safely say I feel completely bonded with my first SNAG Conference experience, in lots of different ways:

…the friends I had the pleasure of attending the conference with. They are all amazing women, artists and metalsmiths who know how to share, love, and laugh. Laugh a lot. Apparently more laughing than sleeping is the best medicine. And a little wine never hurts too. (Wellllll…sometimes it does. But not until the next day, so we added it to the mix anyway).

…with the community around me. I met so many interesting and engaging people, and I loved getting to chat with such a diverse group. We all have a love for jewellery and our craft, but we each bring a fresh and unique approach to it.

…with where I’m going & what I’m trying to do. I feel rejuvenated with my work, and I have so many new ideas that despite feeling exhausted from the past weekend, I can’t get to sleep at a decent hour.

One of my favourite events of the conference was the pin swap.

Here is what I made:

pretty copper pins
Copper circles with lace & paper stitched on with copper wire.

And here are the pins I received:

SNAG 2011 pin swap
To me they are like fingerprints: Distinct. Unique. Identifying.

All words I would also use to describe jewellery, as well as the following amazing artists I had the privilege to see speak, view their work, or hold my breathe from celebrity spotting paralysis. (This is by no means everyone, but you get the idea….)

Lola Brooks
Sondra Sherman
Arline Fisch
Heidi Schwegler
Sharon Massey
Catherine Grisez
Jana Brevick

I can’t wait for Toronto 2013 and my next SNAG experience. Who’s in?

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