Colourful Whimsy

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I recently had the pleasure of heading to Seattle for the day with a good friend in order to check out the Alexander Calder Exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum. I love the varying scale in which Calder worked. There was everything from behemoth sized mobiles to table top mini ones.

The playful quality of his mobiles are even better in person because you see the added dimension that the shadows from the larger scale pieces cast all around. I wish a had a photo to share, but after once getting escorted out of an exhibit for waltzing through with our red wine, we thought it best to follow the no camera rule.

He also worked a lot with wire, and created some great sculptures that appear to be line drawings. This one was my favourite:

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As well as sculpture, Calder also created some phenomenal jewelry pieces. There was only a tiny smattering of these pieces at this exhibit, but I definitely fell in love with them. His ability to create balance on this smaller scale is impressive!

These stunning earrings were there:

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And a brooch made in a similar way, but not this exact one:
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It’s definitely worth the trip to the Seattle Art Museum if you have the chance. We also lucked out and went the first Thursday of the month, which is always free!!

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