Earth Day Couture

Last week I discovered Dresses for Breakfast. Needless to say, it is my new morning meal accompaniment. Earlier in the week I saw this stunner, made by Kelly Murray, over there:

It’s made from pages from the phone book!!! I knew those clunkers had to be good for something these days.
With Earth Day on the agenda, I had a blog post in the making. A quick google search produced a few more goodies. I am in awe of what designers can do with paper! Look at these:
I really love all of these paper cranes! When I was younger origami was one of my favourite hobbies. I can’t imagine how long it must have taken to fold enough for this creation.
And last, but not least…if you happen to have any extra toilet paper lying around, you could always whip yourself up a stellar piece for a night on the town:
This toilet paper dress is from the 2008 event sponsored by Cashmere toilet paper. It is part of their breast cancer awareness campaign, & you can find the 2009 & previous collections here. I think it is a wonderful event!
While I don’t quite have the skills to run off & create an outfit from paper, it makes me think about what I can be doing with jewellery. While my jewellery love is directly related to using precious metals, there are ways to keep what I do somewhat green..Recycling scraps, using manmade stones & using less toxins in the studio. I’m certainly not a poster child for all things “green”, but I do think every little bit helps. Is there anything that you do to keep your creating in line with loving the Earth?

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