Goal Getting

Once I decided to make jewellery my passion, I have to admit, I had some fairly naive expectations of what was to come as an independent business woman.

I thought I would just make unique pieces, and the masses would be waiting. Oops…..you mean before any of that was going to happen, I needed to find venues for my work? Don’t artists have “people” for that kind of thing?
Oh right, I’M my “people.”
So off I went to get myself going….online? wholesale? consignment? I had NO IDEA what all of these things actually meant to my business.
A couple of years into it, I have tried various avenues, with varying degrees of success. What I’ve learned is I really have to “try” things on. And in order to get there, I need to set goals for myself. I’m so grateful for all of the ups and downs I’ve had with trying to get my work out to the world because I’ve learned something from every single one of them.
This year my biggest goal for my jewellery business was to apply to a larger Christmas retail show and cross all of my major appendages that I would be accepted. After trying out the indie craft show circuit, I realized that while I love going to those as a buyer, they don’t quite work for me as a selling venue.
So this year I succeeded in getting my goal, and I am excited, nervous and delighted to share that I will be selling at the Circle Craft Christmas Market, here in Vancouver. It’s the biggest show that I will have ever done to date, and I am already so thankful for all of my wonderful friends and family who have offered to put themselves at my mercy in order to help me out during the five day stint.
It’s going to be a productive summer in the studio! And my mantra:
I hope you are getting to some of your own goals, both professionally and personally. Here is an e-book by Tara Gentile that I am currently devouring to help me focus my blogging, which in turn is also helping me stay on track with my business. I highly recommend it if you need some blogging tips!

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