Jewellery Blog Favourites

Some days I definitely spend more time perusing my blog favourites than I have originally planned. If you love looking at jewellery, you should definitely check out these two sites regularly.

I like to enjoy them with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and think about all of the possibilities!

The Carrotbox Jewellery Blog

ring jewelery jewellery
I love this blog because Alice Matsumoto always shares innovative work. Her focus is on her love of rings, and it is really fascinating to see what people are creating. The variety on her blog is amazing, and definitely worth taking a regular look!


gold rings
Marta Sànchez Oms also shares unique jewellery on her blog. She also includes information about jewellery exhibitions, so if you’re planning a trip to Europe, check out her site. She also has an online shop. I love her use of raw stones!

Here are a couple of my favourite jewellery designers if you’d like even more to fawn over:
Anne Sportun
Dawes Design

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