Lamp Post Musings

In my last post I included an image from one of these spectacular lamp posts, so I thought I would expand on it a little more.

These lamp posts are at the University of Washington. I am glad we took the time to walk around while we were there last month because it is really a pretty campus.

The first thing that drew me to them was the aged patina, and then the combination of the yellow with that coppery green. When I got closer to them I noticed all of the repetitive little details that added to their charm! The second lamp post is definitely my favourite of the two because it is more detailed. Both of them have some interesting shapes and patterns, and I saw right away how I may be able to reflect that in some of my jewellery work. I also want to try a new colour combination with my current enamel work.

One of my favourite things about getting out of the city is that it means I will hopefully find some new muses to keep the creativity flowing. Where is your favourite place to go or see when you need some rejuvenation?

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