Long Weekend Fun Find

I hope you all had a lovely long weekend! I always enjoy a long weekend getaway to my parents’ place on the Sunshine Coast, BC. Lots of wine, good food & giggles are always in order, and this trip included a fun find from our local used bookstore haunt, Kingfisher Used Books.

Every trip up here I scour the crafty section, & this time I happened upon a book entitled “Handwrought Jewelry”, by Lois E. Franke, copyright circa 1962. Naturally, I had to have it! The purple cover & retro image on the front alone were worthy of the $4 price tag.

It doesn’t have all of the current techniques, but I love it for it’s vintage aesthetic & fairly basic overview of metalsmithing. Some of my favourite stone settings & techniques aren’t in this book, and the mention of some “indispensable” nasty acids also made me chuckle. It’s easy to see that we’ve certainly come a long way in regards to toxicity in the studio! I like to see what was popular at the time, and to think about how it has evolved over the years.

You (Ok..I…) can never have too many jewellery books, no matter their age. I have another ancient book gifted from my brother in law, but I’ll save that for another post. It holds some important “lead” related info (whaaaaat??)

What vintage finds can’t you live without?

4 thoughts on “Long Weekend Fun Find

  1. I love old classics. For Christmas one year, I got a 1926 edition of Little Women, complete with colored plates. I also have a 1920's copy of Hamlet, discarded from my elementary school library. It still has the checkout card in it. And my grandparents found an old dictionary-thesaurus for me (1919, I think) that for a long time was the favorite, most useful book I had; it defined words and then offered synonyms or related words–and definitions of those. Very handy.

  2. Jena, I had a similar style thesaurus that I used all through university. You had to look up the words with a number index, they weren't indexed alphabetically. I loved it too!!

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