Lovely Lace

I really love lace.

It is my biggest inspiration when it comes to my enamelled and etched work. I love how delicate it looks, all of its little details, and I LOVE the idea that someone (traditionally) sat for hours putting their heart & soul into every stitch. That’s my end goal with my own work. Well, maybe not the hours part, but definitely the little piece of me part.

When it comes to using it in my own work, I try to add my personal touch by starting with the largest, and most basic shapes from a piece of lace. Then I make a master template by filling in all of the empty spaces with my own lines & doodles. The initial image I create takes time, but I definitely enjoy the process of pondering what kind of lines & shapes to use to fill in the gaps, and ultimately seeing the final design all together.

Here is some lacey love. Enjoy!

How gorgeous would this canvas be?
(photo via apartment therapy, via Livingetc)

I’m in looove with these dishes!!
(via Stephanie Kao)

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