One For You, One For Me

I adore jewellery…so I often thought it was weird that once I realized I wanted to be making it all of the time, I basically stopped wearing it.

I think it is partly because when I am working a lot, I have realized just how dirty my job can be. Sanding, filing & pickling are definitely not conducive to wearing pretty rings, so for a long while I chose to stick with earrings. Now I’m lucky if there is any jewellery to go along with the same grubby outfit I’ve been wearing at the studio for days. What’s one more day of wiping my flux encrusted tweezers on my pants? I often ask myself. Forget about throwing on some pretty jewels every morning.

I have a series of etched rings that have been waiting to have stones set into since the beginning of Winter. This past week I had an inquiry about a ring, and it pushed me to finish (at least) one from the series.

So, I got it done and I am pleased with the end result. Upon completing it I thought it was as good a time as any for an old fashioned “One For You, One For Me.” And here they are:

I hope you like them too!

One thought on “One For You, One For Me

  1. It's so true! I used to love wearing jewelry (mostly bangles and earrings), but now that I make it for a living I don't wear any at all. So funny. I also schlep around in gym clothes at the studio. So much for being a glam jewelry artist. 🙂

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