Pom Pom Party

Is it pom pom, or pom pon?

I guess it’s a little bit of tomato, tomahto…
But I am in love with poms, however you choose to say it!

I first discovered them on Etsy a little while ago, but I thought maybe my love had waned a little bit. But then I was shown the rose garden at Queen Elizabeth Park, here in Vancouver, and I saw these:

It is my new favourite spot to end a sunny evening bike ride! Aren’t they gorgeous?? I’m sure you can see the pom pom resemblance. So my adoration for them is back, and now I can’t stop looking at them online!

So today I’m sharing a couple of my favourite pom pom shops, and passing on the loveliness! Both shops have a great variety of poms: stemmed, garlands, small, and large! I want a whole room of them.

The first shop I came across was PomLove. I love how fresh & airy this shop feels! She even has mobiles:

Next is Party Poms.
I love this shop’s photos, and all of the glorious colours make me smile. I want a whole room of them!

Naturally I am pondering how I can translate this inspiration into jewellery, but I’m not quite sure that would work. Earlier on I had thought about incorporating some poms into my display for my first big Christmas show in the fall, and now I’m coming back to that idea. Maybe a mobile in one corner of my booth? What would you do with a colourful array of fluffy pompoms?

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