Rejection & Cupcakes. Let’s Discuss.

I like a good cupcake.

I love baking them and sharing them. They make people smile (unless you don’t like cake, and then I’d offer you some cookies because I don’t do pie). It means there is something to celebrate. And who doesn’t like a party?

Rejection on the other hand, I could do without.

Not too long ago I found myself holding an envelope within which would tell me yay or nay when it came to my jewellery. I thought to myself that letters like that shouldn’t come in an envelope. I’d much prefer a cupcake with a little “yay” or “nay” cupcake topper. Then I could close my eyes, and upon viewing my cupcake, I could be ecstatic with a yay! AND I’d get to eat the delicious cupcake and revel in my glory. Or……If faced with the other, less appealing option, I’d fling the “nay” on the ground, stomp on it a few times, then still enjoy the cupcake goodness (no reason to stomp on a perfectly innocent cupcake), and get on with my day.

The issue I have with rejection in a letter form, is that they’re easy to hang onto. And read. Over. and Over. Oooh, then I can compare it alongside the work I submitted, because *clearly* that’s the best way move on from it. In the end, I’ve taken to letting my paper shredder have its way with the damn thing, and I have to say, it does take a little bit of the sting away.

So I guess I’m trying to just get along with rejection, because frankly, if I’m going to continue on this jewellery path as an artist and designer, (which is turning out to be a little less glamorous than I originally anticipated at times), then it’s going to keep happening. In my younger years, I would have gladly avoided any situation that involved “putting myself out there” in any way, shape or form, but if I did that with my business, then I wouldn’t be getting ready to go to my second big show in two weeks.

Do I think I will really ever like rejection? Nope. Can I get along with it? Yup. Will I be able to deal with it? Absolutely.

My friend Patsy wrote a post on rejection this week, and she asked how others deal with hearing No. So what do I really do? (After a little woe is me, naturally).

I think, What’s Next?…I search out more things to apply to. I look for new opportunities, and I try again. I remind myself that even just applying to an exhibition or show is an opportunity that not every one else has. I GET TO DO THIS. Right now. I GET to follow my bliss and create unique pieces of jewellery, and spend time dancing around my studio space while I work, and be part of an amazing jewellery community. What the hell am I waiting for?

I continue applying to shows, exhibitions and the like. I keep sharing what comes from my heart and my hands. I’d be lying if I didn’t say rejection sucks. It does. It stings. I let it make me doubt myself. I let it make me think I want to eat more than one cupcake.

Screw you rejection.

Who wants a cupcake?

Here’s where I like to indulge my cupcake cravings via the internet:

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2 thoughts on “Rejection & Cupcakes. Let’s Discuss.

  1. Great post Simone. Screw you rejection is right!
    I think having results in a cupcake is the best idea ever! When we one day jury a show we will do it that way!

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