Collaborative Creation. It’s a beautiful thing.

Over the past few months I’ve been working on some amazing jewellery collaborations alongside Patsy Kolesar  and Su Foster.  We are now Jewellery + Artists + Collaboration!

I’m definitely more of an introvert than not, and sometimes I spend days working solo in the studio, but I really enjoy sharing the creative energy of a project. There is something kind of magical about bouncing ideas back and forth and just letting ideas flow that can lead to somewhere wonderful. 

Over the summer we started collaborating with Yayoi Hirano. Her company, Yayoi Theatre Movement Society will be performing at the Orpheum Annex Nov.7-9. The performance is Medea, based on the greek tragedy and interpreted through Japanese Noh theatre.  All of the costumes are handmade and Yayoi carves the masks herself. The craft that has gone into everything is astounding. I am excited to show you our finished pieces, and I can’t wait to see them all together in the performance.


©Jewellery + Artists + Collaboration photo credit: Tanya King


©Jewellery + Artists + Collaboration photo credit: Tanya King


©Jewellery + Artists + Collaboration photo credit: Tanya King


©Jewellery + Artists + Collaboration photo credit: Tanya King


Patsy has written more about our process here, so head over to her blog to learn more.

If you’re interested in seeing the Medea performance, ticket purchase info is here, just scroll down.

Have you ever collaborated on something? Share below, I’d love to hear about it! xo