The Sketchbook Project is here!

the sketchbook project
My sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project arrived last week! I chose This is not a Sketchbook for my theme. I found it to be the most open, and since I tend to overthink my ideas when I feel the constraints of the figurative box, I thought I would have the most fun exploring it.

this is not a sketchbook

If it’s not a sketchbook, then I’m considering looking at it as a collection, or a gathering of sorts. The reality that my actual drawing abilities often leave a little something to be desired, I’m not sure how much actual sketching I will be doing. I love collage & photography, so I’m sure I will fit those mediums in somewhere. I’m curious to see how it all comes together!

It’s blank, but I’ve got some ideas about how to spice up the cover, and maybe it’s the fact that it is something fresh, but I even got some inspiration for a new jewellery design last week!

Check out the Sketchbook Project website to learn more, and even see some submissions already uploaded. It’s super inspiring!

For more ideas about how you can go about another project (this one is more fashion/style related), check out You Bright Young Things. And the inspiration behind it: The Uniform Project. You can see all of the daily shots on the site from the project, and it definitely makes me rethink my wardrobe.

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