Where to Begin & A Lack of Words

I’m going to do my best to sum up the first half of April. Here goes….

There’s nothing quite like being surrounded by people rooting for you:
Big-hearted abundance.

The generosity of others that help you succeed:

Sharing your work & engaging with new people:

Feeling blessed & always grateful:

My first time participating at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto was so.much.fun! Since I grew up a couple of hours away from the big city, it was a great chance to see lots of people who I don’t get to see nearly often enough.

There truly aren’t enough words to adequately describe how amazing it feels to have the support of friends & family when you’re a teensy bit out of your comfort zone and starting to wonder what-exactly-you-were-thinking-when-you-decided-it-would-be-a-good-idea-to-fly-across-the-country-and-setup-a-booth, and, ohmygawd-I-hope-I-sell-something-whose-idea-was-this-anyway??

Yes, that is my internal dialogue you just met. Once I sent her away to compose herself, my booth came together. That, and the fact that I had huge help from my faithful bestie, without whom, standing in the middle of my empty booth staring at the blank walls for an undisclosed amount of time would have somehow seemed like a good idea.

Here’s the booth in progress:

craft show, jewelry booth
jewelry booth

And the end result:

teal,grey,craft show, jewelry booth, one of a kind show

I was pleased with the overall look. I’ll save the lessons learned in the process for another post, or else we’d be here all day.
I am so appreciative of everyone who took a moment to come by my booth and offered a smile or lingered for a quick chat. Thank you! I adored watching people take the time to get closer to my work and connect with it. When I see someone get as excited about a piece as I felt when I was creating it, it is indescribable.
This card via Danielle LaPorte sums it up perfectly:


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